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Japan PM Abe is going to meet with Donald Trump

Japanese prime minister Schinzo Abe said on Thursday that he is going to meet the newly elected US president Donald Trump in New York. While world leaders sometimes hold bilateral meetings without preliminary planning at regional summits, it is a bit unusual for them to hold high-level diplomatic talks in the United States without thorough planning.

State Department spokesman John Kirby expressed some concerns over Trump's meetings with foreign leaders, as his transition team had not contacted with the department either to discuss the transition of government or to seek information ahead of these meetings.

Prime Minister Abe will probably talk about the importance of the Japan-U.S. military alliance and trade relationships. According to Trump advisor, a newly elected president is going to use the Abe meeting to reassure Japan and other US allies in the Asian-Pacific region rattled by his campaign rhetoric.

Trump has already talked on the phone with the leaders of Britain, Turkey, Germany and other US allies. He also had a phone talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which the two leaders agreed to aim for "constructive cooperation." Trump had a meeting with Britain’s anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage last weekend before meeting the UK prime minister Theresa may.

The meeting with Abe potentially could dissipate the fears of Japan, China and other Asian countries over Trump’s protectionist rhetoric and reveal his future foreign policy directions.


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