American stocks are under pressure as tighter election race rattles traders

On Wednesday, American stock futures edged down, as market participants greatly unsettled by the prospect of a tighter-than-expected presidential election, stood away from perceived riskier investments, including shares and headed for the traditional havens, such as the Japanese yen and gold.

Market participants are also waiting for the outcome of the Federal Open Market Committee gathering, which concludes Wednesday, though the event happened to be taking a back seat to American politics.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures YMZ6, lost 0.3%, hitting 17,886, while S&P 500 futures ESZ6 edged down 0.13%, trading at 2,097.75. Additionally, Nasdaq-100 futures NQZ6 sank 0.2% being worth 4,746.25.

The softness for futures arose after American shares finished at almost four-month minimums on Tuesday, dropping after surveys demonstrated a tightening American presidential race.



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