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Clinton vs. Trump: fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met late on Wednesday in Las Vegas for the third and the last round of the presidential debate. The candidates expressed their hostility towards each other: they didn’t shake hands, shouted a lot and interrupted the opponent during the debate.

Mr Trump’s comments have certainly drawn the main attention: he twice declined to say whether he would accept the election's outcome, thus breaking America’s long-standing tradition. This provoked a strong negative reaction in the media. In his turn, Mr Trump said that the media is poisoning people's minds and Hillary Clinton shouldn't have been allowed to run for president. Donald Trump also called Hillary Clinton a liar and after she called him a Russian puppet, he said that was actually her. According to Mr Trump, the women who has accused him of sexual harassment were trying to become famous and were working for Clinton.  

Mrs Clinton, on the other hand, stayed calm and managed to pivot the tricky questions about WikiLeaks and her paid speech to a Brazilian bank.

All in all, it appears that Mrs Clinton has won the debate. CNN reports that 52% of those who watched the debate thought that Hillary Clinton did the best job, while 39% thought Donald Trump did. According to the polls, Mrs Clinton is ahead nationally and in key battleground states.


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