Stocks in Asia gain as traders look ahead to China GDP, retail data

On Tuesday, stocks in Asia earned in narrow trade ahead of key data from China this week, which could confirm some signs of a stronger than expected third quarter in the world’s number two economy.

Market participants also noted comments overnight from Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer telling that the Fed has almost reached its job and price goals that should provoke a rate hike.

Earlier on Tuesday, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe told that third quarter inflation figures are going to be a decisive clue of inflation expectations, that have clearly sunk recently and there’s an urgent necessity to guard against them descending further, which was spurred in the issue of the October board gathering minutes.

Certainly, one of the major influences on inflation hopes is the actual outcomes for inflation.

Meanwhile, the Nikkei 225 leapt 0.08% just before the lunch break. The Shanghai Composite rose 0.42% as market participants looked ahead to GDP, retail sales data and industrial production.

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