Lamborghini expects worldwide sales to double by 2019

Luxury carmaker Lamborghini actually expects to double its output to approximately 7,000 vehicles a year by 2019. The legendary carmaker puts a lot of value on a brand new SUV, though it won’t lose its focus on making sports vehicles, as Chief Executive Officer Stefano Domenicali told on Tuesday.

Domenicali informed Reuters that the carmaker is on the verge of capping yearly output of its supercars at about 3,500. Besides this, he expects sport-utility car production will be at least as high, though could be higher depending on demand. By the way, the Italian automaker is currently owned by Volkswagen Group.

The brand new SUV is expected to go on sale in 2018 at a price of about $200,000.

Apart from that, Domenicali added that the company plans to spur its worldwide dealer network to 160 from 132 now.

Approximately 30% of the company’s dealers and sales happen to be in the USA, its number one market. The company managed to sell a record 3,245 cars worldwide last year, including just over 1,000 in the USA. 

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