Dow futures stand still

On Monday, American stock futures signaled a muted open, as financial experts told that the week looks set to be quiet until a closely watched speech by Fed Reserve chief Janet Yellen at the major bank’s summer retreat.

S&P 500 futures grew by 0.1%,being worth 2,183.25, because a dip in crude prices pared gains.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures soared by 12 points, hitting 18,552, while Nasdaq-100 futures tacked on 4,813.75.

A Friday morning speech by Fed chief Janet Yellen is expected to be this week’s key event. Janet might make use of her remarks in Jackson Hole, Wyo. In order to indicate the US major financial institution is ready to lift interest rates as soon as next month.

The markets have already priced in for the next rate lift and if Yellen is seriously determined to move earlier, she should make the most of Friday’s opportunity to drive that message home.

There aren’t any top-tier American economic publications or earnings reports expected on Monday.

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