LG Display points out to display market improvement

South Korean LG Display sees evident signs of improvement in the display panel industry and hopes its business performance will pick up in the second half of 2016. That’s what the company’s executive told. However, the executive didn’t provide any specific details.   

Panel producers have suffered from price drops during recent quarters because of poor sales of consumer electronics such as televisions and smartphones. However, there’re evident sings that the bottom is very close, with panel prices for some tablets, TVs as well as monitors picking up in June, as a research house IHS states.   

The bottom couldn’t arise soon enough for LG, the world’s number one liquid crystal display maker, expected to report a 96% dip in April-June operating revenue to about 18 billion won.    

Lackluster sales for major client Apple Inc's iPhones have also affected LG Display's bottom line. Additionally, on July 27, the company will publish its second-quarter earnings. 

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