FTSE 100 slumps having returned to pre-Brexit level

On Thursday, British stocks tumbled, rebounding after getting back to pre-Brexit levels as market participants awaited a policy update from Mark Carney, BoE governor later this day.     

The FTSE 100 sagged 0.7%, hitting 6,315.46, with no sectors going up.

On Wednesday, the given benchmark grew 3.6%, getting higher than it was before Brexit the previous week.

For the month, the benchmark was still making its way towards a gain of 1.9%, which would stand for the best monthly performance since October, as FactSet states.

After a break from tough selling, bank as well as insurer stocks, hit hard in the run-up to and after Brexit, traded lower again on Thursday. For instance, Royal Bank of Scotland PLC lost 4.8%, while Standard Chartered PLC sank 1.5%. As for insurer Aviva PLC, it tumbled 0.9%.

Investors are eager to learn what Carney, BoE chief is going to say about monetary policy as well as the British economy after Brexit. 

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