Sterling sinks to more than 30-year minimum

On Friday, the British pound slumped to its greatest low since 1985 against the greenback, as Great Britain seems to have already decided to leave the European Union.

Early on Friday, the two news stations reported that the “Leave” camp won the Brexit vote and the United Kingdom has nothing to do, but to break up with the bloc, where the country had stood since 1973.     

The Sky News put the exit side ahead too, with approximately 51.7% versus 48.3% for the opposite side. By now up to 322 out of 382 counting areas have announced results.   

The British pound went down to $1.3329 against the US dollar. As we’ve just told above, that’s the lowest result since 1985.     

The final result is expected approximately around breakfast time in Great Britain. It’s going to mark an end to up to four months of tough campaigning, which has generated an emotional public debate regarding immigration as well as the future of the British economy.


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