Germany enjoyed record foreign investment in 2015

In 2015, Germany managed to attract about 6.2 billion euros in foreign investment because the total number of new investors hit an all-time peak, mostly due to surging interest from China.  

Last year in Germany, foreign investors started up to 1,912 new projects, up 60% compared to 2014, as Germany Trade & Invest states.

In 2015, the overall value of projects almost doubled, from 3.2 billion euros in 2014, and foreign investment generated at least 30,000 new jobs in Europe's biggest economy last year, according to GTAI.

Germany’s currently scoring with its large market, steady general framework as well as its positive domestic economic activity.

China appeared to be the largest single investor for a second straight year, considering its 260 fresh projects, followed by the USA with its 252 as well as Switzerland, boasting 203.

The figures, excluding mergers as well as acquisitions, point out to projects currently on the ground. Apart from that the GTAI counted up to 413 foreign-led M&A deals last year.

Those were dominated by US companies, with UK companies in second place. Notwithstanding fears of a soar of Chinese takeovers, they accounted only for eight of the foreign-led M&A deals.

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