China’s ban on Apple services is a serious challenge for growth area

China’s blocking of Apple mobile entertainment services sets new challenges for the tech giant as it’s about to post its first din in iPhone sales.     

Thursday’s news that Apple film services as well as online book had gone dark in that Asian country appeared to be an extremely vulnerable moment for the high tech company. The company’s executives have just informed that iPhone sales are going to sag for the first time in the second quarter. Investors have already reacted to this bad news from China, Apples, second largest market by profit.   

Furthermore, Apple’s executives have already flagged the company’s growing services as a promising source of profits as sales of Apple’s flagship devices edged lower, thus doubling the stakes for success in China.   

The given situation raises serious questions in the region, which is still extremely crucial for the high tech company.

China’s state regulator urged Apple to halt this service. The move arose after Chinese authorities imposed regulations putting severe curbs on online publishing.     

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