Toyota’s factories shut down after quakes in Japan

Up to tens of thousands of inhabitants on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu had to live in temporary shelters, and such companies as Toyota had no choice but to cut their output after two earthquakes bringing dozens of victims had taken place. 

41 people were officially confirmed dead in Kumamoto prefecture, which was the epicenter of Thursday’s 6.5 magnitude quake and Saturday’s 7.3 magnitude quake.

Approximately 110, 000 people had to stay at temporary shelters Sunday afternoon.

Toyota officially told it would gradually stop car production this week at the vast majority of its factories in Japan due to a shortage of components generated by the Kumamoto quakes. An output cut will continue at Toyota’s vehicle plant in Fukuoka prefecture. That’s the place where the Japanese company makes the Prius. In general, the production will be suspended from Tuesday till Saturday.       

Other vehicle makers, including Nissan and Honda have also stopped their manufacturing operations at factories in the area affected by the earthquakes.

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