Moderate American inflation supports Fed's careful interest rate policy

In March, American consumer prices edged up, while underlying inflation decreased, suggesting just tiny urgency for the Fed to increase interest rates in the nearer future.

The inflation backdrop is currently dominating notwithstanding worsening labor market conditions, already underscored by other information on Thursday, disclosing the number of US citizens filing for unemployment virtues.  

The Labor department announced that last month its Consumer Price Index acquired 0.1%, because the rebound in gasoline prices was partly compensated by a dip in the cost of food.    

Housing costs and medical care also bounced back in March after strong hikes in the previous two months.

In February, the CPI dipped 0.2%. For the twelve months through March, the CPI surged 0.9% after edging up 1% in February.

The so-called core CPI, stripping out food as well as energy costs, soared 0.1% after two upbeat monthly readings. Additionally, March's increase in the core CPI appeared to be the smallest since August and in February it followed a 0.3% surge.


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