Chinese exporters hope for improved trade performance this year

It goes without saying that the vast majority of Chinese exporters are greatly suffering from such great inconveniences as soaring costs, financial grieves, to say nothing of an unstable Yuan exchange rate. On the other hand, most of them really expect China’s trade performance to drastically improve already this year.     

Pointing out to a newly conducted survey of Chinese exporters in the country’s twenty provinces, Shen Danyang, the commerce ministry spokesman informed Tuesday’s press conference in Beijing that most Chinese exporters actually expect the country’s trade to face a series of though obstacles with ongoing downward pressure.     

Last month, Gao Hucheng the Commercial Minister of China told that this Asian country’s foreign trade might demonstrate a huge rebound already in March, right after several descends in the first months of 2016. Top statesmen have already reported that the national economy was giving evident signs of improvement, when capital outflows were quite easing.



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