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Greece has presented new reforms list

Greece has submitted a new list of economic reforms to the euro area on Wednesday. According to the nation’s estimates, these measures could raise about 6 billion euro in 2015. The reforms represent a condition for Greece to get the final 7.2-billion-euro bailout tranche from its creditors.

The reforms proposed by Greece include measures against tax evasion and fraud, audits of offshore bank transfers and a new lottery scheme aimed at compelling consumers to demand value-added tax receipts.

Greek officials express certainty that they will be able to reach an agreement with creditors next week. Still, although the nation’s government has made some concessions to them, Greece still hasn’t fulfilled some demand of the bailout program. Some European officials said that the deal won’t be made before the Eurogroup meeting on April 24.

Greece remains in a very difficult situation: it has practically run out of money, but needs to pay 450 million euro to the IMF on April 9.

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