September 9: American Session


Tatiana Norkina, an analyst of FBS

The index of the American dollar continues to grow insistently, adding just under 0.20% at the opening of the American session. A new high of 84.66 was reached today. At the same time, stock markets were opened negatively. Therefore DJIA lost more than a half of a percent, and the S & P500 - about 0.40%.

Currency markets are being moved sideways in relatively wide ranges. Thus, the pair EUR / USD has returned to 1.2900 figure after the formation of a low of 1.2860, but remained in this range. As for the currency pair GBP / USD, it was declining to the level of 1.6060, but the  bulls managed to restore the quotation to 1.6155. The bears lowered the prices again under the figure. USD / CHF has formed a high near 0.9380 and fallen to the level of 0.9350. A pair USD / JPY consolidates below the resistance level of 106.30.

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