Aug. 19: American session

Tatiana Norkina, the analyst at FBS Company

The American dollar continued its strengthening and has grown to the point of 81.92 today. At the beginning of the session, the Index added about 0.30%. The main driver of the movement was the relatively positive information about inflation, as well as the strong statistics of the construction sector.

Stock markets are going way up the fifth consecutive session increasing by 0.35% at the opening today.

Also the strengthening of the dollar has affected the majority of dollar currency pairs. Thus, the pair EUR / USD has fallen to a new low of 1.3310. Currency pair USD / CHF got around the 0.9100 figure, enhancing the chances of the bulls in the handled violation and the resnewal of the up trend. GBP / USD pair has collapsed to the support level of 1.6620, losing more than the half of the figure in the morning. But USD / JPY has recovered to the upper limit of the range 102.60-102.80 constraining bulls movement from the beginning of August.


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