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June 19: Asian session

US dollar remained near the lows it hit yesterday versus its counterparts after the Federal Reserve signaled it will keep interest rates near zero even as it ends bond purchases, damping demand for the US currency. Asian shares rose toward a 6-year high. MSCI Asia Pacific Index advanced 1.1% before dipping down and erasing gain to 0.12%. Japanese Nikkei is up by 1.5%. Positive news also came from China where Premier Li Keqiang pledged to sustain the nation’s economic expansion forecast.

USD/JPY slid to 101.85. AUD/USD is trading above $0.9400. NZD/USD slid to the levels just above $0.8700 from a 6-week high after New Zealand’s economic growth missed estimates (GDP added 1.0% vs. 1.2% expected).

EUR/USD is trading in the $1.3590 area. GBP/USD is trading in the $1.6990 zone.

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